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Introduction to subsidiaries

Henan Wanshihengtong has successively established subsidiaries to better meet the needs of market development

Henan Wanshihengtong Software Technology Co., Ltd:an electrical software company mainly engaged in the application and development of intelligent mining electrical systems.

Henan Wanshihengtong Construction Engineering Co., Ltda construction engineering company mainly engaged in the general contracting and operation of sand and gravel aggregate EPCO projects, and has relevant construction qualifications at the third level.

Henan Beituo Construction Engineering Co., Ltda construction engineering company that is a general contractor for LEPCO mining projects in the entire industry and has a second level related construction qualification.

Henan Wanshi Hengtong Intelligent Eqyipment CO., Ltd

The company was established in 2019 and is a private enterprise that integrates equipment research and development, system development, intelligent manufacturing, project operation, industrial investment, and production management. Located in the "National Xinxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone" in Henan Province, we are a comprehensive service provider for the design, manufacturing, installation, and EPCO of mining equipment. The company is committed to the research and development, design, manufacturing, construction, and operation of comprehensive systems such as mobile crushing stations, mining crushing and conveying equipment and supporting equipment, dust and waste gas treatment, and intelligent mine management. Our mission is to upgrade and transform the production capacity of aggregate production projects, improve the operating environment, and assist in the construction of intelligent green mines. The main business includes: research and development, manufacturing, and customization of mining equipment; The mining machinery products involved cover various types of coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing, sand **, sand washing, feeding, screening, conveying equipment, environmental protection equipment, mobile crushing and screening equipment required by the sand and gravel aggregate industry.

The company is currently a municipal level engineering technology research and development center unit in Xinxiang, and is applying for provincial-level units. This year, we will complete the application work for specialized, refined, and innovative enterprises, and plan to apply for specialized, refined, and innovative small giant enterprises next year.

Wanshihengtong Software Technology Co., Ltd

Henan Wanshihengtong Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Wanshihengtong, specializing in the research and development of mining systems, digital upgrading and transformation of mines, and the construction of "5G smart mines" in mines. The company builds a customized private network through a new cloud network infrastructure to carry various businesses in the mining area, flexibly meet the needs of mining scenarios, improve the production safety level of the mining industry, promote industrial upgrading with cost reduction and efficiency increase as the core, and promote the digital transformation of the mining industry. By deeply integrating the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, automatic control, industrial internet, and roboticized equipment with modern mining development technology, a complete intelligent system for comprehensive perception, real-time interconnection, analysis and decision-**, autonomous learning, dynamic prediction, and collaborative control of mines is formed, achieving intelligent operation of the entire process of mining development, mining, transportation, sorting, safety assurance, ecological protection, and production management.

The main business includes: management software for mining production lines, complete electrical equipment, high and low voltage distribution cabinets, information system integration services, IoT equipment and applications, and other professional mining supporting services. The mining production management system developed by the company; Mine sales management system; Unmanned material receiving system; Cloud weighing system; Automatic loading system; RGV rail car; Low voltage distribution system; Cloud monitoring system; The mining mobile phone butler system and corresponding professional solutions have been widely recognized and praised by users.

Henan Wanshi Hengtong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

The main business includes: EPC project general contracting: installation of mining equipment and electrical complete equipment; The company has three levels of qualifications for general contracting in construction engineering, electrical engineering, steel structure engineering, and environmental protection engineering.